Responding to fire resistance to the highest international standards

The fire behaviour of construction materials is tested in different ways already during product development. In Europe, the regulatory fire classification is carried out on all construction products, including wood products. Testing is carried out by an accredited commercial testing laboratory.


Europe Euroclasses (EN 13823+A1)
B-s3, C-s3, d0 ou D-s2
Middle East
Surface burning characteristics
(ASTM E84) Class A / Class 1
France (NF P92-507) M1 to M2
Germany (DIN 4102-1) B2 classification


Long Lasting

Exceptional features set the benchmark for wood façades and the creation of indoor and outdoor spaces

A façade built with Geolam Premium hybrid profiles exhibits the exceptional aesthetic qualities of natural wood, but it does not have its fragility. Unlike the hardwood that bleeds tannin, changes colour, warps and generates splinters, the WHS Geolam profiles are durable, dimensionally stable, remain perfectly straight and can be installed even under the most extreme climatic  conditions. 

Geolam boards do not bleed tannins nor splinter. They are well adapted for indoor applications as well due to their fire resistance

Geolam advantages


Geolam compared to natural wood


Sustainable and durable

  • No cracking
  • No splintering
  • No warping

Maintenance free

  • Can be cleaned with water
  • No greying
  • No fading

No finishing required

  • Endures extreme climates
  • No rotting
  • No mould  or insect-damage


Geolam compared to other WPC


Aesthetic, natural texture

  • Lightweight
  • No PVC
  • No formaldehyde

Versatility of uses

  • Bendable
  • Customized lengths 
  • Customized radius

Dimensional stability

  • High mechanical strength
  • Easily installed
  • Reduced costs


Geolam compared to lacquered aluminium


Natural look and feel

  • No additional treatment required
  • No additional stain or painting required
  • Lightweight

Repairs of dents is possible 

  • Can be ripped, sanded or corrected on site, if necessary without dismantling the profile from façade.

Best insulation

  • Best phonic insulation
  • Best thermal insulation
  • Best wind and vibration resistance